Dr. Ashu Garg

Dr. Ashu Garg, a renowned medical professional, earned his medical credentials from a distinguished and age-old institution situated in the illustrious city of Agra, the home of the famed Taj Mahal, in India. His proficiency lies in the realm of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures. Dr. Garg is a prestigious Diplomat of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Garg underwent a rigorous residency program in Surgery with an emphasis on Plastic Surgery in the western frontier of India. Additionally, his superior surgical acumen was honed while undertaking extensive oncological surgical procedures at the Tata Memorial Cancer Center, a prominent and technologically advanced medical institution in Mumbai, widely acknowledged throughout Asia.

Relocating to the USA, Dr. Garg delved into clinical research in Vascular Surgery at the esteemed Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard University, based in Boston. His research contributions have been significantly published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery. Subsequently, Dr. Garg undertook formal surgical training in Chicago, augmenting his experience in radiology at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center.


Dr. Garg further refined his skills through a formal fellowship training in Cosmetic Surgery in Seattle, WA. During this tenure, he extensively explored and perfected the art of liposculpture, body contouring, facial cosmetic procedures, and intricate transgender surgeries.

An expert of superior cosmetic results, Dr. Garg employs his expertise in advanced liposculpture and utilizes a blend of the latest innovative cosmetic techniques. His proficiency in scar healing and wound management consistently produces superior cosmetic outcomes. He is a prominent member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Apart from his clinical expertise in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Garg is also proficient in pre- and post-surgical assessments and follow-ups, employing diagnostic imaging. Furthermore, he is a recognized member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).


Our Ethos

Empathy and easy access form the bedrock of solid patient relationships, and our commitment lies in accompanying our patients throughout their journey. We endeavour to cultivate an environment marked by safety and comfort, instilling a sense of assurance in our patients about the quality of care being dispensed. Bolstered by our steadfast dedication to excellence and patient-focused practices, we believe that our institution represents the optimal selection for individuals in search of a dependable and compassionate cosmetic surgeon.

Why Choose Top surgery Art

Peerless Surgical Proficiency

Boasting 23 years of professional experience, Dr. Ashu Garg's prowess in the field of cosmetic surgery brings about exceptional results for his patients.

A Broad Spectrum of Surgical Expertise

Dr. Garg's professional journey extends from conducting oncological procedures in India to engaging in vascular research at the prestigious Harvard University.

Pioneering Aesthetic Approaches

Dr. Garg employs state-of-the-art Liposculpture techniques among other ground-breaking cosmetic procedures, thereby ensuring optimum results for his patients.

Devoted Advocate for Transgender Health

Dr. Garg is a respected member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, demonstrating his proficiency in performing intricate transgender surgeries.

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