Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Welcome to Top Surgery Art, your online destination for turning your vision into reality. We recognize the importance of locating top-tier, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons in your vicinity. Our use of cookies aims to streamline your search by tailoring content and resources to your location and interests.

Understanding Cookies:

Cookies, small text files stored on your browser, are instrumental in identifying and customizing your experience on our site. They assist in monitoring website usage, remembering your preferences, and enhancing our features.

Varieties of Cookies Used:

  1. Essential Cookies: Vital for the basic functions of our site, these do not collect personal information. Examples include:
    • PHPSESSID: Maintains your session.
    • Cookie_notice_accepted: Tracks your acceptance of the cookie policy.
  2. Functional Cookies: Elevate your experience by recalling preferences. Examples include:
    • recently_viewed: Remembers recently viewed procedures.
    • language: Saves your preferred language.
  3. Location Cookies: Customize content based on your location, displaying plastic surgeons nearby and relevant cosmetic surgery options. No exact address tracking occurs.
  4. Interest Cookies: Personalize content related to specific procedures based on your browsing history, such as facial plastic surgery or cosmetic plastic surgery options.
  5. Reputation Cookies: Verify credentials and affiliations of trusted plastic surgeons, ensuring connections with qualified professionals like board-certified plastic surgeons and top-ranked surgeons in your area.
  6. Analytical Cookies: Aid in analyzing website usage and improving our services. Examples include:
    • Google Analytics: Provides anonymous visitor data like page views and traffic sources to optimize content and features.
  7. Advertising Cookies: Assist in delivering relevant ads based on your browsing history and other factors. Opt-out options are available through your browser settings.
    • Google Ads: Used to deliver ads based on your browsing history and other factors.
  8. Social Media Cookies: Enable you to share our content on social media platforms and follow us on various channels. Examples include:
    • Facebook Like/Follow: Allows you to like/follow our Facebook page directly from our site.

Utilization of Your Information:

We leverage cookie information to:

  • Enhance our site’s content and features.
  • Personalize your experience on our site.
  • Provide pertinent information about plastic surgeons near you and procedures of interest.
  • Monitor and analyze website usage.
  • Improve our services and offerings.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences: Control your cookie preferences through your browser settings or extensions. Additionally, opt-out of specific advertising cookies through platform settings.

Contact Us: If you have inquiries about this Cookie Policy or our use of cookies on our site, contact us via email at, phone at +1 424-666-1260, or mail at 435 N Bedford Dr Suite, 213 Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

Changes to This Cookie Policy: We may periodically update this Cookie Policy. Any changes will be posted on this page, with the “Last Updated” date at the bottom of the policy.

Last Updated: This Cookie Policy was last updated on January 5, 2024.